Different Point Of View by Doc Weiss Band

Produced by Ron Weiss, Rob Cosh & Maya EthierEngineered by Rob Cosh & Ron WeissRecorded at The Lab studio and the home studios of Ron Weiss, Gleb Sturov, Mike Leipe and Maya Ethier, all in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All percussion recorded at Snakewe Studios, Singapore City, SingaporeMixed & Mastered by Rob Cosh at The Lab studio, Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaAll songs ┑ Ron Weiss (SOCAN). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.
Ron Weiss (vocals, guitar and piano)Maya Ethier (vocals)Mike Leipe (bass)Jim Mattson (electric guitar)Gleb Sturov (drum kit)Pablo Calzado (percussion)Lauren Weiss (additional backing vocals on Freight Train)Horns arranged by Mark FergusonPerformed by Nick Dyson (trumpet and flugelhorn), Mark Ferguson (trombone) and Mike Tremblay (tenor saxophone)Choir (on I Just Wanted You To Know and Brighten Up My Day) arranged by Madeleine Pouliot and Maya EthierThe Gospel Jewish Wedding Crashers Choir is composed of Madeleine Pouliot, Anne Marie Bourgeois, Helen White, Jane Pope, Jonne Mintern and Virginia Montoya (with thanks to the Big Soul Project)Photography by Chris SchlesakArt Direction and Design by Casey LiThanks to Debbie Halton-Weiss, my best friend and love of my life, for her constant support. Thanks to my children Jess, Josh and Lauren!3 of my most loyal fans. Thank you to Peter, my brother, for being Pedro.
Thanks also to my great band Maya Ethier, Mike Leipe, Jim Mattson and Gleb Sturov!you really are great. Thanks Maya for vocal coaching and your vision on many of the songs. Thanks to Rob Cosh for always having a positive comment, no matter how bad things were. Thank you to Ian Boyd of Compact Music for your kind advice. Thanks to Danielle Sabourin and Brad Campbell at Metro Music in Ottawa for answering all my stupid questions, hanging my posters and setting up my guitars excellently.

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