Waiting by Josef Koumbas

Waiting album by Josef Koumbas was released Jun 08, 2010 on the Tumi label. Josef Koumbas’ second outing shows the British-born singer going back to Cuba to work with people he’s befriended over the years. Waiting music CDs The results have the lightly percussive Cuban touch, but often owe more to the type of easy jazz typified by George Benson; indeed, several cuts wouldn’t sound out of place on a Benson album, in part due to some stellar guitar work, as well as Koumba’s own laid-back vocal style. Waiting songs That’s the factor that makes this album stand out from the pack. He’s a strong lyricist, and when he gets going, his unique delivery, which seems almost conversational, becomes quite hypnotic. Musically, this comes close to being too smooth much of the time. More of an edge would have helped it. Still, that very quality might help it find a larger audience. ~ Chris Nickson
Personnel: Josef Koumbas (vocals); César Lozada (guitar, tres); Osnel Rodriguez Othero, Emilio Martiní (guitar); Orlando Valle (flute); Orlando Sanchez (clarinet, saxophone); Cesar Lopez (alto saxophone); Carlos Manuel Millares (tenor saxophone); Robin Félix Martínez (trumpet); Amaury Pérez (trombone); Roberto Carcasés, Alexis Bosch Mendez (piano); Ramsés Rodríguez, Pablo Calzado (drums).

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